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Semicon Solutions

Semicon manufacturing requires precision soltutions and Panasonic has products that will improve that process. Check out some selected possible applications of Panasonic products below. Don't see what you're looking for? Give us a call and we can help you with your application needs. 800-280-6933.

The sensor measures static electricity produced when transferring wafers and removes it with ionizers.

Recommended Products: ER-VW Thin-Type Ionizer, EF-S1 Electrostatic Sensor

The thickness of the main body is 18.9 mm (0.744 in). In addition, the nozzle angle can be adjusted so that you can mount the ionizer inside a device, preventing device breakage due to static electricity.

Recommended Solutions: ER-VW Thin-Type Ionizer
Bare chips that have been cut from wafer during the dicing process are among the devices that are most susceptible to electrostatic damage. During bonding, it is recommended to reduce the charge to ±10 V or less through charge removal of small area with the ER-VS02.

Recommended Solution: ER-VS02 Ultra-Compact Ionizer
The areas where electric charge will be removed can be designed according to the device since a maximum of five units can be connected.

Recommended Solution: ER-VW Thin-Type Ionizer
A line light beam measures the slight protrusion of lead frames. It can verify before applying the mold press to prevent the flow of defective parts or damage to the mold.

Recommended Solution: HL-T1 Ultra-Compact Laser Collimated Beam Sensor
HG-C is designed with a new optical system with a built-in mirror. It provides both industry's smallest class* form and high-precision measurement.

*Based on research conducted by our company as of March, 2014

Recommended Solution: HG-C CMOS Type Micro Laser Distance Sensor
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