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ER-VW Thin-Type Ionizer - High Frequency AC Method

ER-VW Thin-Type Ionizer - High Frequency AC Method
Brand: Panasonic - Formerly Sunx
Product Code: ER-VW
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Price: $833.00 $766.36
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Possible Applications:

Minimum air consumption 15 l/min. (ANR)

ER-VW can utilize air flow levels starting from a minimum of 15 l/min. Because the amount of air consumed is so low, the loads placed on air supply equipment can be reduced and costly clean air can be used much more economically.

Air Consumption Comparison

No Damage to Electronic Devices from Inverse Charging

A high-frequency 68,000 Hz AC corona discharge is used, so that (+) ions and (-) ions are emitted in rapid alternation. Because there are none of the sudden ion discharges that occur with other types, there is no tendency to partial oppositely-charging even when charge removal insulators with different localized charges, so that any damage to electronic devices can be avoided.

No damage from inverse charging

Nozzle Angle Adjustment Mechanism

The angles of the two nozzles can be adjusted within a range of approximately 190° by screwing down the ends of the nozzles. After adjusting the angle, turn the ends of the nozzles to tighten them and secure them at that angle. This allows the nozzle angles of the ER-VW to be adjusted easily after installation.

Adjustable Nozzles

Easy Connection Layout Possible

The optional joint kit can be used to connect up to a maximum of 5 ER-VW units. The air supply part is connected via quick connection joints, and the power supply and input / output signals can also be connected easily using connection cables with connectors at both ends. Multiple ER-VW units can be connected together to provide charge removal layouts that suit the target equipment.

Optional Joint Kit

er vw connection examples


Produces Excellent Ion Balance

The adoption of high-frequency AC method allows extremely stable ion balance to be achieved. The ion balance is not affected by the pressure of air supplied and the setup distance, so no troublesome adjustments are required after setup.

Excellent ion balance

Compact and Ultra-Thin Design

The thickness of the unit is 18.9 mm (0.744 in). Even so, the nozzle angles can be adjusted, so that they can still be installed in places where there are space restrictions, such as inside other equipment or along several adjacent production lines.

Compact, ultra-thin design

1) Minimum width dimensions after nozzle angle adjustment
2) Maximum width dimensions after nozzle angle adjustment

Air Supply Monitoring Function

This function causes discharging to stop automatically if the supply of air drops below a certain pressure. Notification of this is given when the AIR indicator lights and the discharge output (DSC) turns off. This prevents objects which are not charged from being overlooked when the air supply has been stopped.

Air supply monitoring

More Functions That Support Accurate Charge Removal

In addition to the air supply monitoring function, the ER-VW is equipped with the following functions to ensure accurate charge removal:
More functions

  • Discharge halt function: Uses external input to forcibly stop discharge.
  • Check function: Uses the CHECK indicator and output to notify the operator when it is time to clean or replace the discharge needle.
  • Abnormal discharge monitoring function: Uses the ERROR indicator and output to notify the operator when a problem with discharge occurs, and stops discharge. It can be canceled by means of reset input.
  • Discharge output: Output is ON during discharging. This lets you check when discharging is being carried out.
  • Check output: Output turns ON when the discharge needle is dirty.
  • Error output: Output turns OFF when there is a problem with discharging (normally it is ON). It also allows you to check the power supply to the ionizer.
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