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DP2 Series Discontinued - Limited Quantities Available

Panasonic announced that the DP2 Pressure Sensor series has been discontinued. Please check the chart below for recommended replacement options or call us and we’ll be glad to help you determine the best replacement options for your needs. Got Questions? Call Us: 1-800-280-6933.

DP2 Series Standard Type Recommended Replacements:

DP2 Standard Type

DP2 Series Type Standard Function 2 Digital Outputs Advanced Function 1 Digital Output + 1 Analog
DP2-20 Standard Mount Vacuum DP-101 DP-101A
DP2-20F Standard Mount Vacuum DP-101-N DP-101A-N
DP2-20F-P Standard Mount Vacuum DP-101-N-P DP-101A-N-P
DP2-21 Standard Mount Low Pressure DP-101 DP-101A
DP2-21F Standard Mount Low Pressure DP-101-N DP-101A-N
DP2-21F-P Standard Mount Low Pressure DP-101-N-P DP-101A-N-P
DP2-22 Standard Mount High Pressure DP-102 DP-102A
DP2-22F Standard Mount High Pressure DP-102-N DP-102A-N
DP2-22F-P Standard Mount High Pressure DP-102-N-P DP-102A-N-P

DP2 Series Flat Back Type Recommended Replacements:

DP2 Flat Back Type

DP2 Series Type Standard Function 2 Digital Outputs Advanced Function 1 Digital Output + 1 Analog
DP2-80 Flatback Mount Vacuum DP-101-M + MS-DP1-FM DP-101A-M + MS-DP1-FM
DP2-40N Flatback Mount Vacuum DP-101-M + MS-DP1-FN DP-101A-M + MS-DP1-FN
DP2-40E Flatback Mount Vacuum DP-101-M-P + MS-DP1-FE DP-101A-M + MS-DP1-FE
DP2-41 Flatback Mount Low Pressure DP-101-M + MS-DP1-FR DP-101A-M + MS-DP1-FR
DP2-41N Flatback Mount Low Pressure DP-101-M + MS-DP1-FN DP-101A-M + MS-DP1-FN
DP2-41E Flatback Mount Low Pressure DP-101-M-P + MS-DP1-FE DP-101A-M + MS-DP1-FE
DP2-42E Flatback Mount High Pressure DP-102-M-P + MS-DP1-FE DP-102A-M-P + MS-DP1-FE
DP2-42 Flatback Mount High Pressure DP-102-M + MS-DP1-FR DP-102A-M + MS-DP1-FR
DP2-42N Flatback Mount High Pressure DP-102-M + MS-DP1-FN DP-102A-M + MS-DP1-FN
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