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About Ramco Innovations

Ramco Innovations has been providing factory automation solutions to our customers for over 50 years. Global changes and trends in manufacturing, along with our passion to provide the best solutions for our customers needs, led us to focus on sensing technology long before it's time. Almost 40 years ago, Ramco Innovations became part of the sensing revolution and introduced Sunx Sensors to the U.S. market by becoming the original importer.

In the early 2000's the Sunx brand was acquired by Panasonic and our role remains National Distributor. Today, we are still the largest and oldest Sunx distributor in North America and our goal is to provide you with great products, with great support, at great prices.

Call us today and we'll get started working with you to solve your sensor challenges.

History of Ramco Innovations


Ramco Company Founded

Tom and Marj Ramsey founded Ramco Company on June 1, 1962. During the first year of business, Ramco operated from within the walls of the Ramsey's home on the west side of Des Moines, IA. As the business grew, more office and storage space was required, so the Ramseys found what would become Ramco's location for several years in a nearby strip mall. During the early years, Tom handled the sales and engineering role, while Marj handled the business and accounting aspects of the company.

Original Property Purchased and Building Constructed

In 1967, the Ramseys purchased land in the West Des Moines Valley Junction area and built the original building, today's main office, at 1207 Maple Street. As the original 8,000 sq/ft building was quickly outgrown, additions and future buildings sprung up, eventually creating the 21,000 sq/ft. of office, shop and warehouse space that still stands today.

Name Changed to Ramco Electric

In 1983, Ramco Company became incorporated and the name changed to Ramco Electric Company, Inc. This marked the beginning of the Ramsey's vision that Ramco be an Employee-Owned Company – which is still in place today.

Name Changed to Ramco Innovations

As Ramco's market, products and industries transformed with the times, the name eventually became Ramco Innovations, Inc. in 2002. Since starting out as an electrical distributor 50 years ago, Ramco has experienced vast change and growth.
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